Phrasal verbs beginning with R. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

rake in

to make a lot of money

rally round

If people rally round someone in need, they all do what they can to help the person.

reach out

to extend your arm in order to touch or take something with your hand

reach out to (1)

to offer help to someone in need

reach out to (2)

to ask someone for help when you have a problem

read into

to believe you've found more meaning in what someone says or does than others have found

read out

if you read something out, you read it aloud so everyone can hear it.

read up on

If you read up on something, you read books about it, or find articles and information on the internet about it.

refer to (1)

to look at something like a book, a map, or a website, in order to get information about something

refer to (2)

to direct someone to a place or a person for information, help or treatment

reflect on

to think deeply about something

rely on

If you rely on something, you need it in order to do something.

remind of

If something reminds you of something else, it makes you think of it.

resign yourself to

If you resign yourself to something, you accept that it's true and that there's nothing you can do to change it.

resort to

to do something you'd rather not do only because better options or solutions are not possible

result in

to lead to a certain outcome or to produce something

return to

to go back to

revert to

to go back to a previous way of behaving, or an old way of doing things

ring back 

to return a telephone call or to call again later

ring up 

to call someone on a telephone

rip off

to cheat somebody by charging them too much for something

roll out

to introduce a new line of products or services

roll over

to change position when you're lying down so that you're on your back if you were face down, or face down if you were on your back

roll up

If you roll up a piece of paper, you fold or roll it in such a way that it becomes a cylinder or a ball.

root out

to uncover and punish criminals, especially those abusing positions of trust or authority

rope in

If somebody ropes you in, they persuade you to do something you don't really want to do.

rough up

to physically attack someone, usually to intimidate or make them afraid rather than to seriously hurt them

round down

If you round a number or an amount down to a certain level such as a whole number or the nearest dollar, you bring it down to that level.

round up

If you round a number or an amount up to a certain level such as a whole number or the nearest dollar, you bring it up to that level.

rub off

If a quality someone has rubs off on other people, they start to show that quality as well.

rub out (1) 

to erase something that's been written or drawn

rub out (2)  INFORMAL

to kill somebody

rule out

If you rule something out, you don't think it's possible.

run across

to meet somebody by chance, or to find something by chance

run after

If you run after someone, you chase them and try to catch up with them by running.

run against

to compete with someone in an election

run away (1)

If you run away from something or someone, you run as fast as you can to escape.

run away (2)

If children or teenagers run away, they leave home without telling their parents or guardians.

run away from

to try to avoid problems or difficult situations

run by

If you run your ideas or your thoughts by someone, you ask them what they think of them.

run down (1)

to hit somebody with a vehicle such as car or a truck

run down (2)

If you run somebody down, you criticize them and tell them they're no good.

run into (1)

If you run into someone, you meet them by chance, or without expecting to.

run into (2)

If you run into something, you accidentally hit it while you are driving.

run off with

If you run off with somebody, you leave home secretly in order to be with them.

run on (1)

to use a particular type of fuel or a particular power source

run on (2)

to continue for longer than expected

run out (of)

If you run out of something, you don't have any left and you need some more.

run out on

to suddenly leave the person you're in a relationship with

run over

If you run over something or someone, you hit them or go over them while driving your car.

run through

to quickly read something like a list or a speech in order to check the details or look for mistakes

run to

to ask someone to help or protect you when you should be able to look after yourself

run up

If you run up a bill or a debt, you get goods or services on the understanding that you'll pay for them later.

run up against

to face something that could be a problem or a difficulty

rush into

to do something quickly and without thinking about it carefully first

rush off

to leave soon after arriving or to leave suddenly

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