Phrasal verbs beginning with M. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

mail out

to mail copies of something like a catalog or a CV to many people

major in

If you major in a field of study at university or college, that field is your main area of study.

make for

to move towards something

make into

to change someone or something into someone or something different

make of (1)

to understand, or to make sense of, someone or something

make of (2)

to use a chance or a talent to achieve success

make off with

If you make off with something, you escape with something that you've stolen or something you got by cheating people.

make out (1)

to see or hear something, but only with difficulty

make out (2) 

to hug, kiss and touch in a sexual way

make out (3)

to write the details on a check or a legal document

make out (4)

to create a false idea or image of someone or something

make over (1)

to officially transfer ownership of something to someone

make over (2)

to make someone or something look better

make up (1)

to invent a story or think of an explanation for something

make up (2)

If you make up with someone, you become friends again after having an argument or a disagreement with them.

make up for

to do something to improve the situation after you've done something wrong

map out

If you map out something, you plan in detail the future of something.

march on

to walk in a group towards a place in order to protest against something or to demand something

mark down

If you mark something down, you reduce its selling price.

mark off (1)

If you mark off items on a list, you mark each one after you've dealt with it.

mark off (2)

If you mark off an area, you show where the boundaries are with lines, strings, or other markers.

mark up

If you mark something up, you sell it for a price that is higher than the price you paid for it.

match up

to find things that go together, or match in some way

max out

to reach the maximum limit of something, or to use up all of something

measure up

to be good enough or to be of the required standard

meet up

to arrange to meet somebody, or to meet by chance

meet with

to get a certain reaction or response, either positive or negative

mess around

If you're messing around, you're wasting time or behaving in a silly way.

mess up

to do something incorrectly, or to make a mistake

minor in

to study another subject at university or college in addition to your main subject

miss out

to miss the chance to get something you'd like to have, or do something you'd like to do

mistake for

to wrongly think that a person or thing is someone or something else

mix up (1)

If you mix up two or more things, you forget which one is which.

mix up (2)

If you mix things up, you put things of different kinds together when they are usually separated.

mixed up in

to be involved in something illegal or immoral, such as organised crime or corruption

mock up

to make a model of something to show how it will look or work

model on

to use something or someone as an example to copy when making something or doing something

mop up

to clean up something that has spilled by using a mop or a cloth

mount up

to gradually become larger or greater in amount

mouth off

to speak in a loud and annoying way, especially when criticizing or complaining about something

move in (1)

to move your belongings into a new place and start living there

move in (2)

to move closer, especially when you're trying to attack or catch someone or something

move in on

to try to take control of something that someone else has control of

move into

to begin living or working in a new place, or to go into a new type of business

move on

If you move on, you stop doing one activity and start doing another, or stop discussing one topic and start discussing another.

move out

If you move out, you leave the place in which you've been living or working, and move to a new place to live or work.

move over

If you move over, you change position to make room for someone or something, or to block someone or something.

move up (1) 

If you move up, you make space for someone else to sit down by moving a little.

move up (2)

to move someone to a higher position, a higher level, a higher ranking, etc.

mow down

to kill a number of people, usually by shooting them or driving a vehicle into them

muck around 

to waste time when you could be doing something useful

muck up

If you muck something up, you do it badly and fail to achieve your goal.

muddle through

If you muddle through, you succeed in doing something even though you haven't got the skills or equipment usually needed.

mull over

to think carefully about something before making a decision

muscle in

to use your power or influence to force your way into a situation even if you're not wanted

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