Phrasal verbs beginning with I. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

identify with

If you identify with someone, you feel you have a connection with them and you can understand them and share their feelings.

impact on

to have a significant effect on something

impose on

If you impose something on someone, you force them to accept it even if they don't want to.

improve on

If something is improved on, it's made better than it was.

incline to

If somebody inclines to something such as a certain way of thinking, they will usually think in that way.

indulge in

to do something that gives you pleasure, even though there could be some negative consequences

infer from

to believe something is true because you have some indirect evidence of it

inject into

to add something positive in order to make something work better

insist on

If you insist on something, you say that you must have it or it must be done.

instil in

to condition someone to follow a certain belief or to behave in a certain way

interest in

If you interest somebody in something, you make them want to know more about it.

interfere with

to prevent something from happening in the usual way or stop it from developing normally

invest in (1)

to put your energy and resources into something that you think will help you to achieve your goal

invest in (2)

to put your money into a company or a business venture in order to get a share of any profit it makes

invite around 

If you invite somebody around, you invite them to your home for a meal, or a party, or a game of cards, etc.

invite in

If you invite somebody in, you ask them to come inside.

invite out

If you invite somebody out, you ask them to go to a restaurant with you, or to see a movie, or go dancing, etc.

invite over

If you invite somebody over, you invite them to your home, usually for a meal.

involve in

If you involve yourself in something, or if someone else involves you in something, you take part in it.

iron out

If you iron out the last details of a deal, you sort out the final problems or issues.

itching for

If you're itching for something, you really want it.

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