Phrasal verbs beginning with E. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

ease off

If something eases off, it becomes weaker or less powerful.

eat in

If you eat in, you eat at home instead of going out to a restaurant.

eat into

to use up, or reduce the amount of, something of value

eat out

If you eat out, you eat in a restaurant instead of at home.

eat up (1)

to eat all or most of something

eat up (2)

If something eats up your time or money, you spend a lot of time or money on it.


If you egg someone on, you encourage them to do something foolish or risky.

embark on

to begin something, usually something that will be challenging and time-consuming

empty out

to remove everything from inside something

end in

to have a certain result at the end of something

end up

If you end up being somewhere, or doing something, it's because of decisions you've made in the past.

end with

to have something act as the final part of something

engage in FORMAL

to become involved in something related to competition or conflict, such as a debate, a battle, or a dispute.

enter into

to become involved in something like a discussion, an agreement, or a partnership.

entitle to

If you are entitled to something, you have the right to have it or the right to do it.

entrust to

to give somebody responsibility for something of importance or value

entrust with

to give someone responsibility for something of importance or value

even up

to make something more equal or to make it fairer

expose to (1)

If you expose someone to something, you introduce them to something they might not otherwise see or experience.

expose to (2)

to make someone face a danger or a hazard

extricate from FORMAL

to get someone out of a difficult situation or a dangerous place

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