Phrasal verbs beginning with A. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

account for FORMAL

If you account for something, you explain how it came to be the way it is.

act as

to perform the same function as a particular person or thing

act for

If you act for someone, you represent them.

act on

If you act on somebody's advice, you do as they suggest.

act out

If you act out, you express your feelings through acts or words.


If a part of your body or a piece of equipment acts up, it doesn't work properly.

add to

If something adds to something, it makes it better, greater, stronger or more extreme in some way.

add up

to add two or more numbers in order to find the total amount

add up to

If two or more numbers add up to another number, this is the total you get if you add them together.

adhere to FORMAL

If you adhere to a law, a rule or a contract, you obey it or follow it.

advise against FORMAL

to suggest to someone that they should not do something they are thinking of doing

advise of FORMAL

If you advise someone of something, you tell them about it.

agree with

If a certain place or lifestyle agrees with you, it suits you and is good for you.

aim at

If you aim a product or a creative work at a particular group of people, you see those people as your market or your audience.

allow for

to consider something, or take it into account, when making plans or making a decision

allude to FORMAL

to mention or refer to something or someone in an indirect way

amount to

to be similar to, or to have the same effect as

answer back

to reply rudely to someone who is in a position of authority, such as a teacher, a parent or a coach

answer for

to be held responsible for something

appeal for

to ask for something, usually in order to help deal with a crisis or an emergency

appeal to

If something appeals to you, you like it.

apply to

If something applies to you, it is relevant to you or you are affected by it.

arrive at

to reach a result, a conclusion or a decision after considering relevant factors or details

ask after

If you ask after someone, you ask about them when you talk to someone who's seen them recently.

ask for

to let someone know that you'd like them to give you something

ask out

If you ask somebody out, you ask someone you like to go on a date with you.

ask over

If you ask some people over, you invite them to your house.

associate with

If you associate with someone, you regularly spend time with them.

attach to

to believe that something has importance or significance in relation to something else

attend to

to deal with something or someone

attribute to

to believe that something results directly from a certain event or fact

auction off

to sell something to the highest bidder at an auction

average out at

to come to a certain amount on average

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