Sometimes it is possible to have a noun phrase with NO¬†article‚ÄĒthe so-called "ZERO article".

I need¬†a ¬†bowl of rice. ‚Üź indefinite article

I like¬†the ¬†rice in this restaurant. ‚Üź definite article

I eat¬†rice¬†every day. ‚Üź ZERO article

The ZERO article usually occurs in the following cases:

ZERO Article with Plural and Uncountable Nouns

General meaning

  • cars, people
  • life, water

Abstract nouns

  • education, happiness, music

ZERO Article with Singular Countable Nouns


People:  Mary, Bill, Josef

Places:  Jupiter, Russia, Bangkok, Heathrow Airport, Cambridge University, Waterloo Station

Streets:  Oxford Street, Wall Street, Picadilly Circus

Languages:  English, Russian

Academic subjects:  History, Law, Physics

Days, months:  Monday, November

Games and Sports

  • football, chess


  • breakfast, lunch, dinner

Noun + Number

  • platform 3, room 7, page 44

Routine Places

  • in bed, at home, to school, to work

Movement or Transport

  • on foot, by car, by bus, by air

Newspaper Headlines, Notices, User Guides

  • Plane Crashes On House,¬† Keep Area Clean,¬† Insert battery

Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences showing the ZERO article in context.

  • Cars ¬†can be dangerous.
  • We seldom see¬†courage ¬†like that.
  • I could see¬†clouds ¬†in the sky.
  • There was¬†milk ¬†on the doorstep.
  • I gave it to¬†Mary.
  • She arrived in¬†Bangkok¬†yesterday.
  • Do you speak¬†French?
  • He is good at¬†tennis.
  • People will travel to¬†Mars¬†soon.
  • He is in¬†room 45.
  • Please turn to¬†page 67.
  • She's in¬†bed.
  • Are you at¬†home?
  • They took her to¬†hospital.
  • I'm leaving¬†town ¬†tomorrow by¬†car.
  • I go to¬†school¬†by¬†bus.
  • We usually meet on¬†Monday.
  • November ¬†is quite cold.
The ZERO Article is sometimes also called the ZERO Determiner.

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